Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.


~ Ibn Battuta

Hi, I'm Tracy Kirssin Hanes

Seriously — I used to obsess over the adventures of Indiana Jones (I even had the hat!) and beg my dad to show me his slides from his time sailing in the Navy. Even as a little kid, I knew I wanted to see the world, just like him, and have the kind of adventures that would make my dad (and Indiana) proud.

My Story

Now, I’m fortunate to have a career where I get to channel that wanderlust every single day — and share it with others, too. I’ve spent over two decades in the travel industry, curating once-in-a-lifetime, custom-designed trips for my clients. In that time, I’ve visited over 25 countries, and as a Signature Travel Network Expert Select for the Hawaiian island — one of only 9 in the U.S.! — I've been to Hawaii more than a dozen times. My work has taken me from a private water temple blessing ceremony in Bali to an underground cacao ceremony in a cave outside of Teotihuacan. Let’s just say I’ve racked up more than my fair share of frequent flyer miles over the years.

I do it for my clients.

I’ve sent people to countless destinations that I’ve scouted and vetted firsthand, and planned their vacations with the care and expertise that only firsthand experience can bring. I’ve spent years cultivating invaluable relationships and connections with resorts, tour operators, and cruise lines, all so I can continuously offer my clients the best experiences possible. I’ve helped my clients experience the most unforgettable journeys, whether that’s spotting the Northern Lights from Scandinavia or landing a helicopter on Milford Sound in New Zealand.

When my clients want to plan a trip to the next big destination or the newest, hottest resort, they call me. When they want an unforgettable trip, with every detail and experience planned just for them (no endless TripAdvisor scrolling required), they trust me. And my dedication, connections, and experience keeps them coming back.


But even though it might sound glamorous, I don’t do all that globetrotting for me:

Ever since I was a little girl, all I’ve wanted to do is explore the world.

A little more of my street cred

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Destination Wedding Specialist


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Custom European Travel Specialist


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