Travel By Tracy customizes every single itinerary unique to each client -

My obsessive attention to detail, enthusiasm, and approach to each trip is what sets me apart, and my dedication to planning a one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime trip is what keeps my repeat clients coming back.

no two trips are alike.

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Here are some of my specialties:

Destination Weddings
Fully Custom Travel
Group Guided Tours
Custom Hawaiian Vacations
Romantic Getaways
Girl’s Getaways
Luxury Family Vacations
Luxury River Cruises
Private Jet Travel
Luxury Ocean Cruises
Private Villa Rentals
Large Group Travel

Kind Words from Beautiful Clients

"I have used Tracy for a couple of different trips and I can’t imagine traveling without her expertise ever again. She is knowledgeable, professional, and most importantly she cares about her clients and wants them to have the best experience possible. It’s such peace of mind having a seasoned travel agent just a phone call away to answer any questions or help resolve any issues if they arise while traveling. Tracy has been working in the industry for many years and has traveled all over the world so she really knows her stuff. I promise every penny you spend, whether it’s travel advice or a customized trip, is going to be 100% worth it! You will not regret working with her!"

- Heather H.

"We have been working with Tracy for over 4 years when she helped book a trip to London & Paris. We had an issue with our flights home from Paris, called Tracy and she fixed it while she was driving down to Florida with her family. We knew right then, she was going to be our travel agent. She always answers our emails in a timely fashion, and always answers all of our questions. She has since booked us on a Viking cruise in 2019, which was wonderful, and we are relying on her expertise for our upcoming trip to Dubai, Nile River cruise and on to Jerusalem, and London to Amsterdam in 2022. We have recommended Tracy to our friends and family, and She has never disappointed us. If you want a top-notch travel agent who cares and will do anything to help you, Tracy is your girl!"

- Kathy P.

"My husband and I have had the pleasure of booking several trips to Mexico with Tracy. Tracy’s expansive knowledge of Mexico’s most popular tourist locations, along with the hidden “off the grid” resorts, makes her the best in the business. If you are planning a romantic honeymoon, a family vacation with kids, a corporate event, or a wedding party, Tracy will ensure your stay in Mexico is perfect. She has amazing customer service and her clients are her #1 priority. We are looking forward to planning our next Mexican vacation with Tracy!"

- Mandy H.

"Tracy can do everything! From corporate events to family vacations. Professionally, Tracy has assisted and oversaw our company’s Club Trip. She handled over 150 individual itineraries as our employees were flying in from cities across the nation to our destination. She not only negotiated us a great rate, she made sure our flights and transportation needs were met. Every executive had upgraded rooms and employees needing handicap or other special request rooms were no problem for her. Tracy not only brings her vast knowledge, she brings passion, professionalism, and intuition to assure that everything is perfect. Before meeting Tracy, I had done all our corporate travel myself, I now rely on her and will never do my travel without her assistance."

- Yasmin A.

"Tracy has been our travel specialist for more than 15 years and is Fabulous! Her suggestions are always spot on and since we are frequent cruisers her expertise is such an advantage to getting us great deals and wonderful itineraries. We have over the years had an occasion to have a few difficulties that Tracy handled for us so our trip was not spoiled. From start of planning to returning home, Tracy makes our vacations carefree and super special. At least 16 friends have trusted Tracy with their travel needs from our recommendation which is the very best endorsement."

- Gail E.

"Always booked my own travel trying to save money but would always miss something and spend way too much time. Finally decided to call Tracy. OMG! She made me feel like a rockstar. Told her the dates, location and that was it. Wow! What a trip! Beautiful swim-up room with a butler. Yes, a freaking butler! Had executive transportation to and from the airport. We couldn't find mango (my wife loves mango) so the butler went to the local market, brought it back, cut it up, and brought it to our room. OMG! My wife and I will only use Tracy for everything moving forward! Oh...and it was cheaper than when I tried to book it. Thank you for making my life better! Highly recommend!"

- Adam W.

"Tracy put together the most amazing 12 night trip to Greece with 3 nights in Athens, Santorini, Paros, and Mykonos for an incredible price for next summer! Tracy has incredible taste and attention to detail like no other! If you're wanting an adventure, contact her now! You’ll be so glad you did! She’s the best travel agent ever, and will make your vacation AMAZING!!! "

- Lillian M.

"Tracy booked the trip of a lifetime for me to see everything in Italy. I spent time in Venice, Florence, and Rome. The guided tours were amazing, as well as the restaurant recommendations ... Tracy’s love for Italy is apparent! But I will also work with her on travel to other locations in the near future!"

- Shonda R.

After more than two decades, you could say I have my process down to a science. Here’s what it looks like when we plan your trip together.

How I work

Let's Talk Shop

Travel is so personal: whether it’s laying on the beach in Bali, hiking the fjords of New Zealand, or hopping from one bistro to the next in Paris, no two dream vacations are alike. Before I start planning your next big adventure, we’ll get on the phone so I can get to know you. We’ll cover the straightforward stuff, like budget, dates, and locations, but I’ll also ask you some questions to get a sense for what you like (and dislike) in a travel experience. This phone consultation helps me not only plan the logistical details of your trip, but also curate an itinerary that aligns with your preferences and what you hope to get out of your trip. (Note: due to their complexity and time-intensive nature, custom itineraries start at $150.)


Let the Planning Begin

After our initial consultation, I hit the ground running with meticulously planning the perfect curated experience for your trip. This means lots and lots of research, and it also means calling on my many industry connections around the world to line up those unforgettable experiences. During this phase, I like to bring my clients into the process as much as I can: sharing options as I go, updating with changes, and hashing out details over phone or email to make sure you’re totally satisfied. After we nail down any adjustments or tweaks, I’ll send over my final itinerary to you for your review. Then comes the hardest part: counting down to your amazing trip.


A Phone Call Away

The payments have been made, the vacation wardrobe has been purchased, the passports and phone chargers have been packed, and now you’re just waiting to depart. And I’m right there with you the whole way — well, not literally. That would be a little creepy. But from the moment you walk inside the airport, I’m a text, email, or phone call away no matter what you need or when you need it (or what time zone you’re in). You decided to tack on an extra night in Florence before heading to Rome? No problem. Suddenly interested in checking out a mezcal distillery while you’re in Oaxaca? I’m on it. Lost your ID on a wild night out in Amsterdam? Call me — I might not be able to help you with your hangover, but I can at least help sort out your paperwork. Until you’re back home, I’m here and on-call to make things as smooth and stress-free as possible. That’s the Travel by Tracy difference.


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