Every year my high school girlfriends and I take a trip together. We all lead hectic and busy lives, and these trips are essential for us to spend time together, relax, and reconnect. This year we decided to head to Mexico. Mexico is my favorite destination for great food, service, great resorts and let’s not […]

May 15, 2020

Zoetry Villa Rolandi, Isla Mujures

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New hotels are always a crapshoot. I am still a bit hesitant to book a resort for not only me but, for my clients. It’s hard to put trust into a resort that hasn’t proven its self. It’s a roll of the dice. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. As an AIC (Hard Rock) […]

January 5, 2020

Unico 20*87

There are days where this job can be very taxing. Missed flights, lost bags, and a laundry list of other unexpected travel fumbles. There are days where I want to pull my hair out. Then there are days where all the stress and aggravation seem worth it. I wanted to share a postcard I received […]

January 1, 2020

I Love My Clients

I might be a bit late to the blog game but, I wanted to have a place to share my personal travel experiences and that of my clients. I have been fortunate for almost 20 years to call travel my profession. It is my passion. I love exploring new places and having new adventures. Travel […]

December 30, 2019

My First Travel Blog