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New hotels are always a crapshoot. I am still a bit hesitant to book a resort for not only me but, for my clients. It’s hard to put trust into a resort that hasn’t proven its self. It’s a roll of the dice. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. As an AIC (Hard Rock) resort, I choose to give it the benefit of the doubt. Unico 20*87 is the newest adults only to hit the Riviera Maya. It’s in the Kantenah Bay area in the Riviera Maya. So, away from the more touristy areas. It’s about an hour ride from the airport thus be prepared for some time in the car.

Upon first arrival, you can tell this is not your average resort. The idea is to be more immersive into the culture and surroundings of the Yucatan. It’s a comforting vibe right when you walk through the doors. I love the concept of the resort. There is no real check-in. You are ushered to a couch and handed a margarita (this, I am okay with). There you will be personally handled by one of their front desk attendance. Once you have filled out the usual paperwork, you are met by your “local host”. He or she is there to make sure that your experience is one that is not only unique but, completely personalized. Check in was a very relaxed experience.

The lobby :

Main lobby bar :

This resort is rather large. With 448 rooms it’s not for those who want quaint and or boutique. I think it’s great for young honeymooners or, anyone looking for a solid adults only, good food and value-added benefits. Unico has a list of tours and spa services that are included. YES, included. All you have to pay is a 20% service fee. So if you plan on spending any time at the spa, this alone might sway you towards Unico.

Main pool :

Entrance out from the lobby :

Main Pool :

During the day this is where to action is. DJ, floats and a bit rowdy. Not my scene but, people that were over there seem to love it. I preferred more of a quiet area. I spent most of my time at the “secret pool.”

Quiet Pool / Secret pool :

The beach at Unico is a bit on the small size. The water can also be a bit seaweedy and rocky in areas. Now, this is just nature and doesn’t bother me. If you move a tiny bit further down from the main beach bar, you will find an opening where there are not a ton of rocks, and you can relax and enjoy the beautiful water.

Walk way to the beach:

Best part of the beach :

There are seven different room categories at Unico and one villa.

Alcoba swim-up, Alcoba PURE room (hypoallergenic), Alcoba Ocean view and Alcoba oceanfront are all the same size. At 624 sq ft. It’s still pretty impressive and very roomy. The interior design of the hotel feels just right. It’s very Yucatan but, also hip and fresh. I LOVE the rooms at Unico. Love them.

They also have one and two bedrooms Estancia suite. You may require more room, or maybe you just want to live it up. Last but, not least is their villa. Villa 20*87 is a two bedroom almost 2000 sq. Ft haven. Great for couples traveling together.

Room : ​

Balcony :

Each room comes with a local host. They are there to take care of your every need. Whatever you ask for, it’s their job to accommodate it. Now, I was traveling with four other couples, and we each had a different experience with the “local host”. Mine, not so great. My friends, LOVED theirs. I will cut the resort a bit of slack due to it only having been open a couple of months. As an agent, I view things through very different glasses than most. I hope they tighten this up and work harder at equalizing the service in this department. I have every reason to believe they will.

The service in the bars was terrific. The service at the pool bars was great. The service at the restaurants can be a bit hit or miss. I think this had to do with it being such a new resort. These issues are prevalent in new resorts. As an agent, I always make sure to advise my clients of these type of problems that might arise.

The food. Now, having run into a few service issue, I had anticipated the food to be good but, not great. Boy, I was wrong. The first night we ate at Mi Carisa, the Italian restaurant. The food was amazing.

Breakfast was also, always fabulous. Lunch at the main buffet was also delicious, as were the sandwiches and pizza at the pool. At their signature restaurant Cueva Siete I had a fantastic meal. Some of my friends didn’t like their dishes but, I think that was more a personal flavor issue. All and all I believe Unico has kicked it up a notch in the food department. Can’t say I had a bad meal.

Nightly entertainment: Now, here is where I think the hotel needs some work. Nothing is going on at night. The only action is the lobby bar and board games the majority of the week. Thursday – Sunday there is a bar that is opened late but, that is not enough. They need to have nightly entertainment in some shape or form. It can be kind of dull.

Final scoring :

Resort layout / style / design – 4.5/5

Rooms: 4.5/5

Food: 4/5

Service: 3.5/5

Entertainment: 3/5

Would I stay at Unico again? Sure! I am very interested to see how this resort grows and works out its kinks. Maybe in a year, I will check back in. Would I recommend it to a client? YES! Of, course! It won’t work for everyone but, those I think it will work for I would 100% recommend it. All and all this is a great resort.

Happy travels!!!


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